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If you wish to apply to a Dutch University where UNIFY is an official representative is free of charge.

In our rich portfolio you can find carefully selected, tested and well-established study programs in the Netherlands. Each year we submit the documents of many students. We are proud to say that almost everyone got accepted by their first choice. We are working in close ties with all partner universities and have daily communication with each other. In this way we can provide to our students up to date information. Due to our close cooperation when submitting the documents of a student, they are checked with priority. Within 24-48 hours, a student can receive a letter of admission.

Together we will select the most suitable study program and university for you. Afterwards we will give you a check list with all the documents that you need to prepare and the application deadlines. Application in a Dutch university is done by submitting documents. However, some universities have extra entrance requirements. Those can be tests, assignments, portfolios or even skype interviews done by the program coordinators. We know all the details and we will assist you in your preparation in every step of the way.
As we want to be most efficient for our students, we have made the process of application 100% transparent. Each student will have own profile in our online platform, where he/she can select the desired study programs and upload the necessary documents. Afterwards, he/she will be able to follow the status of the his/her application.

There is a list with all of the study programs HERE divided on study fields. If the student is not sure in his/ her choice an option wish list is provided. Our platform has an option to upload all the required documents. After uploading your document an UNIFY consultant will check them. If approved, the student will get notification with the status of his/her application, the date of the application as well as all further notifications such as letter of admission will be communicated via this platform.
UNIFY will assist you with your application preparation, checking the documents and submitting them according the deadlines. We are going to go through your CV and motivational letter in order to improve when necessary.
In a nutshell, we can assist you during the whole application process in every university in the Netherlands. If your chosen university is not our partner, we have a small application fee which is 150 euros.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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