UNIFY - UNIversity For You in Holland

International Orientation Day at NHTV Breda!

Join the three day International Orientation Day at NHTV Breda and get a taste of the student life in the city, and also see the campus, participate into a workshop and meet the international students of the university on 6-8 November. The event is organized under the motto "If you pay for your journey, NHTV will take care of everything else". Sign up and get more information with the help of UNIFY :) More information can be found HERE.


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If you are satisfied with our services, then you can become our ambassadors and RECOMMEND US to your friends and other students who want to apply in Holland. When they are admitted, you will be awarded from UNIFY!

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You want to Study in Holland. Some of your classmates have interest too?


 The presentation of UNIFY consists of information about:

 - Holland and the education system in Hollland

 - The ranking of the universities

 - Each bachelor/master program

 - How to apply and what documents to prepare

 - How to finance your studies

 - The life in Holland

 Invite us in your school.
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Soon expect information about our upcoming events!