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Physiotherapy is a professional bachelor program in English at Saxion University. The objectives of the study are to gain the knowledge and skills of Physiotherapy, and to reach a certain level of personal development. This allows you to practise as an independent professional, with a general versatility, after graduation. The course contains a mix of theory and practical education. You will learn the basics of the functioning of the human body (anatomy – neurologyinternal medicine), disorders caused by psychological problems which influence the daily activities of the patient and practicall skills in order to treet the patient.

Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Education in the Netherlands are well known over the world.

Physiotherapy at Saxion has a very personal approach. There is a special International team of teachers to guide you through your study at Saxion and stay in Enschede. Besides their profession as a Physiotherapist they take time to teach and counsel you in everything you need to successfully finish your study.

The department of Physiotherapy has a high standard for internationalisation for over 15 years. This shows amongst others in the presence of many foreign students, foreign projects, in which both Dutch as well as foreign students participate, but also through the way Saxion designed her education of Physiotherapy according to international measures. Besides that there are large foreign networks and agreements with international partners where we see the exchange of both students and teachers. Internationalisation is also an important issue in research projects and clinical training. All of this contributes to an international development of the profession.

Location: Enschede, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

Placement: in the third year

Minors: manual therapy treatment forms, massage therapy treatment forms, physiotechnique treatment forms, pelvic floor therapy, motor learning, advanced shoulder, neck and arm diagnostics, psychosomatic and other unexplainable complaints

Possible career: in rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, private practices, hospitals and work related health care institutes

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