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European Studies

Do you have a broad interest in the cultural, historical, political and social aspects of Europe?

May be you want to communicate fluently in different European languages?

The bachelor program European Studies focuses on a wide range of subjects wchich are linked to Europe.

European Studies Maastricht is a four-year Bachelor degree study programme, which focuses on a wide range of subjects that are linked to Europe such as:

- communication;

- culture;

- law;

- politics;

- marketing;

- foreign languages;

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The European borders are fading and there is a growing demand on the international labour market for graduates who know from personal experience what it means to study and work in an international environment. People for whom the political and economic structures in Europe have no secrets; professionals who can manage cultural differences and who can be widely employed because of their extensive knowledge in the fields of strategic communication in a public and/or private environment. Professionals who can also communicate fluently in various European languages.

During the program you will study with students from different nationalities and you will be part of the international classroom.

If you want to continue your studies in Zuyd University of Applied Science you will have many opportunities for future career. 

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