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International Business Program

If you are interested in a fascinating and challenging job which involves a great deal of international exposure and business contacts all over the world, our International Business programme will be an excellent starting point for a dynamic and international career.

For this program yoou need a passion for studying and applying a new language. To stay motivated during the learning process, you need to have a certain passion for the language, the countries where it is spoken, its people, its culture, customer habbits.

International Business is a four-year Bachelor degree study programme, which focuses on a wide range of subjects that are related to doing business internationally such as:

- marketing;

- management;

- finances;

- economics;

- law and foreign languages;

It is a merger between two study programmes:International Business and Languages (IBL) and International Business and Management Studies (IBMS).

International Business belongs to the Faculty of International Business and Communication of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, together with three other study programmes: European Studies, Oriental Languages and Communication and the School of Translation and Interpreting.

236x118 International Business Graduates

International Business advises students to choose a particular language because they are genuinely interested in it. Do not make the mistake thinking that learning Spanish, Arabic or Chinese is easier because the courses start without a prior knowledge requirement. If you think you will have difficulties learning a new foreign language, it is advisable to choose a language you have already studied before, such as German or French for example.

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