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Innovative Hospitality Management

The master program of Innovative Hospitality Management is one-year programme in which you learn to consolidate and apply research methods to the international hospitality industry. You fine tune multicultural interpersonal skills in order to offer experiences of the finest quality for guests and you develop leadership and strategic management skills for demanding positions in international hospitality management.

The University Master Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management is the result of an international collaboration between HTSI (Barcelona-Spain) and the Hotel Management School Maastricht (the Netherlands) and is aimed at graduates interested in creativity, innovation and multiculturalism in th hospitality industry.

The three pillars of the University Master Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management are:

  • - Innovation: apply and consolidate research methods for the international hotel industry.
  • - Hospitality: improving interpersonal and multicultural skills, with the aim of providing high quality experiences to clients.
  • - Management: develop leadership and management strategies focused on business management and hospitality
  • Hospitality Master
  • The main competencies that are worked on are personal development, communication, interculturality, leadership and networking.

    In particular, in this Master Degree you will consolidate:

    • - Personal development and self-management
    • - Interpersonal relationships and teamwork
    • - Intercultural Management
    • - Change management
    • - Social responsibility and ethical commitment
    • For the entry requirements please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.