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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is a two year master program in English at Radboud University.

The programme has two specializations: Cognitive computing and Intelligent Technology

Cognitive computing

As humans, we may be intrigued by the complexity of any daily activities. How does it actually work to perceive, to act, to decide and to remember? Learn how to create artificial information systems that mimic biological systems as well as how to use theoretical insights from AI to better understand cognitive processing in humans.

Master's in Cognitive Computing: something for you?

  • You will study exciting topics at the forefront of cognitive AI, such as brain-inspired computing, deep neural network technology, and the foundations of cognition.
  • You can specialize to become an expert in machine learning, in computational neuroscience, or in formal and computational modelling.
  • You have the opportunity to study for a double degree, for example in Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Computing and Cognitive Neuroscience: Brain Networks and Neuronal Communication.
  • This specialisation is closely tied to the research done in the AI groups at the Donders Institute: You will have the opportunity to actively work with our staff members on research projects.

Intelligent Technology 

This Master's specialisation has a focus on developing intelligent machines and new ways for humans and machines to interact, as well as understanding cognition through human behavior. We concentrate on communication and interaction between multiple intelligent agents with a special focus on language.

Master's in Intelligent Technology: something for you?

  • You will study advanced AI methods and artifacts that can make a crucial difference for human well-being, such as neurotechnology, brain-computer-interfaces, speech recongition, and vision and auditory prosthetics.
  • You will learn about the societal impact of AI and learn to understand ethical considerations with respect to AI.
  • You have the opportunity to study for a double degree, for example in Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Technology and Computer Science: Data Science.
  • This specialisation focuses on the application of AI techniques and principles in healthcare, assistive technology, human-robot interaction, and other application areas: you will work with stakeholders and companies on actual problems for which novel solutions are sought.

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Duration: 2 years

Admission requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in the field of Artificial Intelligence or relative
• Cover Letter
• Copy of ID
• English certificate:
A) IELTS certificate with a minimum of 6 points; TOEFL Internet version at least 80 or TOEFL 213 computer version.
B) If you have a bachelor degree in English you do not need a certificate

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