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Statistics on the quantity of international students in Holland

We offer you to see some numbers and figures regarding the quantity of the international students in Holland for the period 2012/2013 year.


Until 2013 year the number of English-taught programs in Holland is up to 2100. Of them the bachelor degree programs are 270 and the master are 1200. The other programs are either PhD or training programs.

The quantity of international students in all universities in Netherlands in 2013 is 91 000, which is 14% from the total number of students in the country. In the research universities students are almost equally spreaded in bachelor and master degrees and in the universities of applied sciences the bigger part of the students are in the bachelor degree programs.

Most international universities are*:

1. Maastricht University

2. Fontys University of Applied Sciences

3. Saxion University of Applied Sciences

 (*the statistic is relevant, because it shows the quantity of the international students, not their percentage of whole amount of students)

The most popular programs among international students are:

Research universities

1. Economics
2. Behaviour and social studies
3. Technology and engineering
4. Foreign languages and culture

Universities of applied sciences

1. Economics
2. Foreign languages and culture
3. Behaviour and social studies
4. Technology and engineering

Where the international students come from?

Germany 26000
China 6400
Belgium 2900
Spain 2500
France 2300
Greece 2100
UK 2000
Italy 2000
Bulgaria 1700
USA 1700


Soon - new statistics for 2014 year!