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Carefully plan your budget for the new academic year!

Soon enough, the students, enrolled in the bachelor and master programs in Netherlands will departure. What are the aspects to plan from a financial point of view, except the standart costs of tuition fee, rent and food costs?


We would like to advise all students to carefully plan their additional expenses, which occur in the process of studying in Holland and we will give you an example with the program Hotel Management at NHTV Breda University:

Books - about 550 euro per year

Excursions and company visits: 

First year - about 400 euro

Second year - about 380 euro

Third year - about 350 euro

Uniform - 90 euro

Costs of usage of the facilities of Sibelicious restaurant - 175 euro

Laptop - about 400-500 euro

The tuition fee for the academic 2015/2016 year is 1951 euro. The standart rent cost of a student room is 300-350 euro, costs of food vary for each student.