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Saxion University helps its graduating students in their first steps towards their career!

If you study at Saxion University and you are an international student, from EU and outside EU, you have the chance to apply for the program Connect. Its ides is to "connect" students and employers from Netherlands. The university has plans to organize this program each year for its best graduating students.


However, not every student is entitled to find his career path via Connect. There are some criteria, because of which the best students are chosen. To qualify for the program you have to speak English fluently, be proactive and initiative, have plans to work and live in the Netherlands and show motivation for a participation in the program. After the selection procedure, students are invited into series of workshops, which will improve their skills, Dutch language classes and Saxion experts will help them to optimize their CV. The last stage is connecting those students with employers, mainly from business and engineering fields. The program is a collaboration between Saxion University and University of Twente, read more about it HERE.