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What are the first steps after your arrival to Holland?

We suggest that during your last days in your home country or your first days in Netherlands you may be confused on the steps you have to take in order to organize your new life and because of this reason we decided to post this list. What are the most important steps upon your arrival to Holland?


1. Receive BSN number. You have to organize a meeting with a worker from the local municipality (in some cases, the university organizes such meetings instead of its students) in order to register and receive a citizen number in Netherlands. You need this BSN number to open a Dutch bank account, to sign a contract for a telephone service and in many more cases. In order to receive this number you need your admission letter, copy of ID card and a copy of your contract with your landlord.

2. Open a Dutch bank account. The second most important step is to open a Dutch bank account. We advise all international students to choose for this ING bank. Opening a student Dutch bank account takes approximately 5 work days.

3. Make a Dutch telephone number. You can either buy a Dutch sim card and charge it when it is needed or sign a contract with a mobile provider.

4. Transport. Look for a second hand bike (soon we will make an article on how and where to buy a bike) or buy a monthly card for the public transport.