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About Holland and bicycles :)

According to the new research of Copenhagenize - a consultant, which helps cities and governments to build more bicycle-friendly infrastructure, the Netherlands is a leader among the countries with builded infrastructure for bikes. The top 5 of cities for 2015 with the best bike infrastructure looks like that:

1. Copenhagen

2. Amsterdam

3. Utrecht

4. Strasbourg

5. Eindhoven

In Netherlands about 85% of the population owns at least one bike and use it on a daily bases. The bicycle can help cut some expenses for public transport, which may be more expensive, than in some countries and will help you keep yourself in good health - that is the reason why we advise all new students to get one.

How to buy a bike in Holland?

Standart price for second hand bike are between 50 and 100 euro.

You can look for shops that sell second hand bikes in the city of your residence in Holland. For that type in Google «tweedehands fietsen» ("used bikes")+the name of your city and you will see some addresses, where you can buy used bike. Also, you can look for some offers online. Try the Dutch website (something like The website is in Dutch, but you can translate it with Google Translator or if you use Google Chrome, then you have automatic translator of pages. Lots of international students succeed to find a bike that way.

When you buy a bicycle, don't forget to buy a lock for it!

Enjoy your biking,

Always your UNIFY :)