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Read testemonials of Saxion University students

We prepared for you some testemonials of students of Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Here is what they have to say to you:


Borislava Markova, Bulgaria, IBMS program alumni
Picture Borislava Markova IBMS alumni Bulgaria"It is nice to think back of these 4 years at Saxion and realize that all your memories are happy. It is very important for me to start with saying that I am thankful for all good people I have met in Saxion. They have helped me feel like home here and I really appreciate their time & advices.
International Business & Management was really the right study for me, I never had doubts. It is engaging, modern, collaborative and 100% appealing to me based on content and educational style. It provides a solid ground of knowledge. IBMS gave me a breadth of options to embrace. 
I was part of Saxion University's team for recruiting students in my home country Bulgaria several times. Therefore, I participated in educational fairs and I was proud to represent the university to many prospect students. I also participated in the Export Development Program of Saxion Export Center. This is a really beneficial and professional program because they take care to make a good match between students’ interests & capabilities and companies. They connected me to my current job during graduation. 
I am working as a Marketing Analyst for Eaton 2 years already. Eaton is a global technology leader in power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably. It is also worth mentioning that I am currently one of 25 selected participants in Young Leadership Development Program of the company for Europe, Middle East, Africa. The Program includes various trainings, simulations and projects that challenge us to work on current existing business cases. Going out of your comfort zone is what helps you really learn and go forward in your career development.  The task is challenging and stretches my capabilities to solve business issues, which require lots of research and specific knowledge. This together with all diverse projects that I am involved provide me a dynamic working environment. I think this is an excellent motivational factor. 
It has been two years now since my graduation at Saxion and still living in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is very well organized and maintained country. It is just so pleasant to enjoy sustained nature, preserved parks, excellent bike lanes and precise maps everywhere you go. It is really easy to travel around and visit other nice cities. The weather can surprise you good or bad, rain is not rare, but you get used to that after some time. 
It is needless to say that the facilities in the university are excellent and this is quite important basis for learning. Dutch people love technology and try to keep up to date their range of gadgets. This together with lecturers who come from business management positions leads to real good quality of education. The examples we hear in classes based on their experience is valuable feedback that gives us illustrative idea how theory works in practice. The overall atmosphere in Saxion MIM inspires towards multi- cultural orientation and sets good grounds for career in different spheres of international companies.  The faculty really engages students in diverse trainings and practices that added up to my breadth of cognition.  You actually see that the models studied are applicable in real business world and you also notice what a difference it makes to be prepared to work in a group setting.
I am keeping dear friendships from the study time, which I advise everybody to do. The network of people you have is extremely important. It enriches you, it makes you more creative, connected and flexible. Saxion has been a truly positive experience. One just needs to be respectful, open- minded and appreciative for all the experience because this is what will make it so valuable."
Stanislava Chobanova, Bulgaria, current student at Tourism Management program
Picture Stanislava Chobanova TM Bulgaria"My name is Stanislava and I am third year student of Tourism Management at Saxion University in Deventer. Saxion is one of the most popular universities not only for dutch but also for students from all over the world. The university offers many and different bachelor and master programs. The international students get to choose from business and hospitality programs up to gaming or art and technology.
But enough about Saxion, let me tell you a bit more about my experience in the last three years as a student. My desire to learn, the possibility to meet new people from different countries, continents, religions and races made me become one of the many Saxion students. As those were one of the most important reasons for me to search for an education abroad I of course did my research to find the university fitting the most to my wishes.
I choose for Saxion because of the way they treat students and the clear opportunity and support for future development.
Of course everything has its pro's and con's, similarities and differences between people, facilities, students life style and even the way of communication between students and teachers.
Let me start with the people in the Netherlands – all in all they are all very friendly and always ready to help you en show you the way. Believe me in an new country you would need someone to show you the way!
As Saxion is located in three different cities all three locations are completely fitted to the needs of the student, with new and well maintained facilities. All the new technologies and the comfort of students and teachers is very important for Saxion, as that motivates both parties and helps spending a busy working day with a smile.
Student life is quite important for all of us I suppose. Well from my own experience I can share that in the Netherlands the whole partying and going out its quite relaxed. Of course there are many parties and different activities ( often organised by the University itself) but they always end well and I have never had any trouble whatsover when going out.
My favorite part of Saxion is the way of teaching, many intern- and traineeships, the possibilities to meet and have contact with professionals from the work field , but also all the teachers that are actually not only teachers but professionals from in my case the tourism branch. With their theoretical and practical knowledge the teachers give us from the start many and different information but they keep the students up to date with all new trends, developments and hot news concerning the branch world wide.
In my second year of studies I have spent 6 months doing traineeship in an up-growing dutch tour operator. As part of the team and of course under the guidance of a Saxion teacher and a company mentor I managed to learn and experience a lot. It literally opened a new world for me. As it motivated me even more to do my utmost best and develop further.
While you are reading my short story I am already looking for my next destination for an internship, my next challenge Saxion has for me.
If you found my story interesting and you have some questions, don't hesitate to contact me."