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Permit to stay

There is no need for the Bulgarian students to apply for a permit to stay in the Netherlands. You need to register yourself in the municipality and to apply for a BSN number (see it as your EGN- it is a personal tax number).


Dutch universities do not provide accommodation on campus. Therefore, the following options are possible:

• Accommodation -house/ apartment type where the students can share a living room, bathroom and kitchen with 1 up to 3 bedrooms. Each student has its own bedroom.

• Accommodation where the student has own room and shares the other spaces (living room, bathroom and kitchen) with other students. In this type of accommodation a student can share with 10-20 more.

• All universities provide help for the students during their first year with finding a student accommodation. Some of the universities have an online platform where the international students can reserve a room according their wishes. UNIFY will inform you what are the housing options in each university or city where you are planning to live.

In the table below you can see some of the housing prices:

Amsterdam 540 Arnhem 336€
Haarlem 540€ Tilburg 329€
Hague 450€ Leeuwarden 329€
Rotterdam 400€ Deventer 325€
Maastricht 359€ Zwolle 325€
Delft 355€ Eindhoven 324€
Leiden 352€ Den Bosch 318€
Utrecht 352€ Wageningen 312€
Breda 350€ Velp 309€
Vlissingen 347€ Heerlen 304€
Nijmegen 344€ Ede 289€
Groningen 375€ Enschede 300€
Amersfoort 342€ Dronten 270€



We advise all Bulgarian students to get their European Card. This card is free of charge and can cover medical help. If you are not seriously ill you can use this option. If otherwise, we advise you to choose a Dutch student insurance. All the universities can assist you with getting an insurance.

Living expenses

The daily life of a students is cheaper than a working person. The reason for that is the one that works pays taxes. Student accommodations are between 350 per month with all expenses included (such as electricity, water, gas and internet). Additional expenses are around 200 euros. We advise all the students to buy a bicycle while staying in the Netherlands. In this way you can safe money from the public transport (one ticket in the public transport is between 2.50 and 5 euro). Another advantage of having a bike is you will be more like the Dutch people and you will stay healthy :) 
Based on our expertise and experience we have made a handbook with practical questions. You can get your handbook before your departure in one of the offices of UNIFY.

For more information, please read F.A.Q.