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In the last few years of your education 

Step 1: Wish is to study abroad

If you already have an idea of what you will be willing to study or still looking around for an inspiration, you are more than welcome to visit our website. There, you can learn more about the study programs offered in the Netherlands. Furthermore, our website could be seen as a stepping stone in forming a vision for your future education.

Step 2: Searching for information

Have you checked university websites, programs but still not having a clear answer of what you will be willing to study? Confused from all the information? Which one is right or wrong? There is only one person who could give you a hand in that situation and that is an education consultant. We from UNIFY have years of experience, been there as students ourselves. Thus, from a professional and personal point of view you can get a good advice and questions answered.

10, 11 or 12th grade

Step 3: Connecting with an educational consultant

UNIFY is the only specialized educational consultant for the Netherlands and it is the only official representative of the Dutch universities in Bulgaria. All of UNIFY educational consultants are former students that have studied in the Netherlands, which means that we can share with you our personal experience. The consultations that we offer are free of charge. We are with YOU in this together, UNIFY will be next to you during the application processes and even afterwards. You can visit us in Sofia or Varna or book an online consultation via phone or online.

In your last years in high school

Step 4: Choose your study program and university

Are you encountering difficulties in making a choice? A good option could be a career test. We from UNIFY work with international career tests which could help you in highlighting your talents, strong or weak points, competencies.

Your last autumn at high school

Step 5: Preparing the necessary documents

In order to apply in a Dutch university, you need the following documents: transcript of your grades until now, language certificate, CV and motivation letter. Your motivation letter is one of the most important aspects of your application. We from UNIFY have a special course on how to write a good motivation letter- with all hints for a perfect, clear and according the Dutch Universities standards for a motivation letter.

Having the full package of documents, it is time to apply. You can get an answer from the Dutch universities within 2-3 weeks from your application or in same cases even less.

Step 6: Receiving a letter of Admission

A moment of bliss, happiness. However, there are 1000 things to be done. You need to start looking for accommodation, packing your baggage, preparing the rest of the documents for your final enrollment.

UNIFY will provide you with a check list and detailed information of what you need to and when. We are going to check with you and make sure you are completely ready for your departure.

Our predeparture meetings are in May but you can start looking for accommodation even before that.

Step 7: Accommodation booked/ Reserve a flying ticket

During our predeparture meeting you will get advice on how to book your ticket and what you still need to do.


Step 8: Be informed

UNIFY will inform you about all you need to know and do before your departure to the Netherlands. However, it is really important to be fully involved in this process.

Some universities are different than others

Step 9: Tuition fee/ Student loan

During your consultations with UNIFY, we will provide you with all information necessary to pay your tuition fee and possibilities for a student loan.

Half way August

Step 10: Flying to the Netherlands

Congratulations! You are fully enrolled! UNIFY will give you information on flying options, what to take with you in your luggage, how to adapt in the Netherlands.


Step 11: YHYYYY! You have arrived at your destination

You think, I have made it. But your journey just begins! Enjoy every step of the way!