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How much is the tuition fee for the study year 2020/2021 and how to finance your study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is attracting student by affordable tuition fees. The fee for a bachelor program for the academic 2020/2021 year is 2143* euro. For the master programs the fee starts from 2143 and there are universities that have higher fees for the master programs.
*The tuition fee for the first-year students for the bachelor programs is -1071 euro. Each year the government decided if the tuition fee for the first-year students will be half reduced.

There are no scholarships for the students in the European Union and the reason for that is that the government covers 70 % of the tuition fee of the students and they pay only 2083 euro. If you are a student from a NON-Eu country then your tuition fee will be 9000 euro.
Regarding to financial aid, there are two options for the Bulgarian students. We have enlisted them below:

First one is a student loan. It covers the tuition fees and there is nearly no rent on the loan- 0,1% is the interest. Who can apply for a student loan:

 You need to be a student under 30 years old from a EU country

 To be admitted to study in a program in the Netherlands

 To have a BSN number and a Dutch bank account

The payment of the loan begins after graduation and you can repay it within 15 years.

The second option is called Student subsidiary and it is around 390 euro per month. For that subsidiary you need the following:

 Your parents` yearly income should be under 30 000 euro (if you need an assistance how to declare those income, please do not hesitate to contact one of UNIFY`s consultants)

 You need to have min 14 working hours per week or 56 working hours in total per month. Or you or your parents have lived 5 consequently years in the Netherlands without a stop for a period of 6 months.

In addition to that subsidiary, you can make use of the OV Chipkaart. This is a card for the public transport that gives you free transportation.

***The consultants of UNIFY can assist you with information, regarding the deadlines and documents needed to apply for student loans.