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Chemistry is a professional bachelor program in English at HZ University.

In the first two years, you become acquainted with the professional field and you do courses in general chemistry and biology. After that, you choose for one of the two Majors 'Applied Chemistry' or 'Life Sciences'.

Applied Chemistry major focuses on the knowledge of and insight into the chemical principles, systems, processes and techniques to apply in research, special to common instrumental separation and analysis techniques. Insight into the possibilities and limitations of the instruments available and using them in a responsible manner is important. You will learn to collect and interpret data. Experience with informatics and computer science forms an important part of your education.

Life Sciences major focuses on applied scientific research into molecular biological processes of 'life' mostly from a biomedical angle. The research topics may range from viruses, micro organisms and plants to cancer in humans. The objective of that research is to contribute to the technological knowledge for the benefit of man and environment. You will be trained as experimental laboratory researchers in Life Sciences.

In both majors , you will be occupied approximately 40% of the study time in the laboratories. Laboratory experiments are carried out in our spacious laboratories with advanced equipment.

HZ teaches students to do scientific laboratory experiments necessary during an investigation or research project and to do a correct interpretation of the outcome of these experiments and subsequently to plan further experiments to achieve the investigative goal and finally to communicate the obtained research results to their peers.


Chemistry/Applied Chemistry

Chemistry/Life Sciences

Location: Vlissingen, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

Placement: in the third year (first semester)

Main Subjects: Mathematics, Organic Synthesis&Analysis, Corrosion and sustainability, also students can choose from the elective languages courses – Dutch, Spanish or French

Possible careers: When you have specialized in Applied Chemistry, you may practice one of the following professions: researcher, production development analyst, head of a laboratory, commercial assistant, spokesperson for a company or government or quality controller in a laboratory at companies such as DOW Chemical, SABIC (former General Electric Plastics), SGS-Ecocare, Unilever, AKZO Nobel, Organon, Food Inspection Departments, government institutes or universities.
When you have specialized in Life Sciences, you may find employment as a 'researcher (molecular scientist)' or 'research technician' at a (bio) medical laboratory doing research into diseases like cancer, hereditary diseases and infectious diseases. Moreover, you may also find yourself doing research at a multinational to improve food (e.g. Unilever, Numico), to discover new pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. Schering Plough; Johnson & Johnson), or working in an agriculture company (e.g. Advanta; Rijk Zwaan) involved in plant breeding, or at a research institute investigating the ecological diversity of various habitats (e.g. NIOO, RIVM).

Admission requirements:
• Academic transcript in English and native language
• CV
• Motivation Letter
• Reference letter (optional)
• registration
• Copy of ID


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