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Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a professional bachelor program in English at Saxion University.
Hotel Management is the ideal programme for students with an international drive, entrepreneurial flair, commercial insight and a service-minded approach. In addition to management skills, considerable attention is being paid to professional skills and theory in order to help you develop the right attitude for the industry.

In the Hotel Management programme, you learn how to successfully lead a business in the international hospitality industry as a manager or entrepreneur. You learn to translate the wishes and desires of your guests into appealing, customer-oriented products and services. You learn how to find the right balance between 'How should I run my business?' and 'How can I pamper my guests?'. The hospitality business is not for those seeking a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday work pattern, nor is it an environment that will appeal to everybody. However, it may be ideal for you if you want to work in a customer-focused business environment with a wide range of specialist opportunities. Furthermore, provided you are flexible, it offers the chance of rapid career progression: it is not uncommon for successful management trainees to reach general management positions in large hotels within five to seven years after graduating.

This bachelor degree is recognised by the Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

The focal point of the first year is to provide insight into the full scope of the international hospitality business. You will become familiar with the basics of hotel management. Excursions and company visits will give you a realistic picture of the industry.

In the following three years, you will learn generic skills by being exposed to contemporary management theories applied to the context of hospitality industry-specific operations. Attention is given to tactical and strategic management in areas like event management, financial management, human resource management, revenue management and entrepreneurship. In the meantime, you will develop research skills, complete a five/six-month traineeship in the industry and be able to deepen your knowledge in a specific field by participating in a minor programme for one semester. The programme is concluded by carrying out a research project for your final thesis.

Location: Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years and 1 year

Placement: in the third year

Main Subjects: Business Economics, Principles of Hospitality Marketing, Management Principles, etc.

Possible careers: in hotels, holiday/bungalow parks, resorts, events agencies, hospitality service suppliers, convention agencies, recreation & theme parks, contract catering, food and beverage industry, health care organisations, banks / financial services, consultancy firms, employment agencies

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