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International Finance and Accounting


International Finance and Accounting is a professional bachelor program in English at Saxion University, which offers students, clients and employees a top surplus value in economic and social knowledge and personal development. It educates (self-)critical professionals who can offer surplus value to the field of work and the society.
The training at the School of Finance and Accounting can be characterized by personal attention, small groups and practical assignments. Renowned organisations, such as KPMG and the Rabobank participate in assignments to be carried out by the students in their work groups. In the meantime, master classes take place at these organisations and their employees are involved in the oral assessments in the exam period.
The academy pays a lot of attention to practical orientation. Guest lecturers come by on a regular basis and there are 'in-house-days' organized with several companies. Every year Saxion organize a business market where students can speak to potential companies and organizations about their internship or career.

Location: Enschede, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years or 1 year

Placement: only for the four year program during the third year

Main Subjects: Micro and Macro Economics, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Business Communication

Possible career: as a policy advisor with the European Union, at a bank in Hamburg, London or Paris, financial specialist for a multinational company

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