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Fashion & Textile Technologies

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Fashion & Textile Technologies is a professional bachelor program in English at Saxion University. The international clothing and textiles market is, without a doubt, a very dynamic one. To be successful in this industry you need to be able to draw not only on your technical knowledge of textiles, but also increasingly on a sound understanding of business principles.

150 Years ago, textile production was centred in Enschede and the surrounding area and therefore textiles are essential for the history of the city. Likewise, a textile course has been on offer in Enschede for the past 150 years. The Textile Engineering and Management programme, unique in the Netherlands, is based in Enschede at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The content of the course developed over the years; as much of the manufacturing was transferred to the Far East, the course moved from covering just materials and production to include, in addition, the study of business principles and commercial developments.

In the first two years of the course students acquire the necessary fundamental knowledge in the field of Retail, Marketing and Sales. They also attend lectures on Product Construction, Textile Technology, Finishing and Quality Control to gain the required knowledge in this area.
After the second year students can choose one of three specialisations:


  • Product Management Fashion, with focus on purchasing, product quality, textile technology and clothing manufacture/garment technology
  • Product Management Textiles, this specialisation also pays significant attention to the other important textiles sectors, namely interior design and technical textiles. As well as being interesting from a materials point of view, these two sectors are witnessing frequent technological innovations and hence offering interesting career prospects for the future.
  • Marketing & Sales, highlighting business economics, marketing, merchandising and e-commerce.

Product Management Fashion, Product Management Textiles, Marketing&Sales

Location: Enschede, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years or 1 year

Placement: only for the four year program during the third year

Main Subjects: Clothing Technology, Textiles Knowledge, Business Economics, Marketing, Branding, Buying, Sales

Possible career: purchasing assistant, production assistant, product specialist, merchandiser, junior product manager, junior logistics manager, sales product manager, concept designer, quality control

Admission requirements:
• Completed bachelor degree in a related field for the one year program or academic transcript translated in English for the four year program
• CV (optional)
• Motivation Letter
• Reference letter (optional)
• registration
• Copy of ID

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