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International Track Medicine

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International Track Medicine (ITM) is a three-year bachelor program in English at Maastricht University.

Studying medicine in Maastricht is a challenge that will change your life. Are you ready?
In the bachelor program International Track Medicine (ITM), you will learn a lot about medicine and medical practice, but also about yourself. You learn to approach patients as people.
You are trained to deal with emotionally difficult Situations. You learn practical skills, like taking blood, using a stomach pump and giving heart massage.
In short, you will learn what it means to be a doctor, to give the best of your knowledge, abilities and person, in service of society.
ITM is a three-year bachelor program that provides the solid foundation needed to become a doctor. ITM is a small scale, about 50-70 students per year.
At the beginning of the program, you will be just observers, only, studying the basic principles underlying the normal functioning of the human body. As the programme progresses, you learn about more complex clinical conditions, and start to practice techniques on fellow students and simulation patients. By the third year, you take on more and more responsibility for real patients.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Duration: 3 years

Admission requirements:
-Academic transcripts in English and original language
-Motivation Letter
-Copy of ID Card + passport-sized photo
-TOEFL With at least 80 points, IELTS with a minimum of 6 points, CAE or CPE

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