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Molecular Life Sciences


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The English-taught Bachelor’s programme at Radboud University operates at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine, with mathematics and physics as supporting subjects. Ultimately, the Molecular Life Sciences programme is about using an in-depth knowledge of molecular processes in healthy people to combat diseases and harnessing molecules to make people better. As a molecular life scientist, you can be part of the latest developments in healthcare, such as stem cell therapy, personalised medicine and self-healing materials.

Because it involves working at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine, with mathematics and physics as supporting subjects, the Molecular Life Sciences programme at Radboud University gives you a broad view of the discipline. You learn to identify connections, which in turn gives you the broad perspective required to develop innovative solutions that society, and especially healthcare, need.

It is an exciting area, where new discoveries are continually being made. For example, Radboud scientists are developing self-healing materials that are constantly able to adapt to their environment, as occurs naturally in the human body. As a graduate, you will soon be part of this vanguard, able to make significant contributions to better healthcare therapies.

Location: Nijmegen, Holland

Duration: 3 years

Main subjects: Bioinformatics, Toxicology, Immunology, Pharmacochemistry, Animal cell biology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Organic chemistry, Neurobiology, Nanobiotechnology, Molecular basis of diseases and functional genomics.

Career prospects: Molecular life scientists work in the following jobs: Researcher at a R&D department in industry,Researcher at a university or hospital, Project manager/general manager, Advisor, consultant, Lecturer,Inspector, controller, etc.

Application requirements:

  • Academic transcript in English and native language
  • Motivation Letter
  • CV
  • registration (UNIFY will make this one for you)
  • Copy of ID
  • TOEFL with minimum 80 score, IELTS with minimum 6, CAE with minimum C grade or CPE with minimum C grade

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