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Applied Computer Science

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Applied Computer Science involves everything regarding embedded systems, i.e. designing and programming systems that contain a computer or microcontroller which is not visible on the outside. Electronics is usually a part of the embedded system, and quite of ten mechatronics are involved too. Think of an autonomous robot, a drone, a smart thermostat, an RFID access system or an intelligent baby monitor.

First basic skills will be taught, during lectures, workshops and also in projects. The focus is on technical as well as on social and communication subjects. Technical subjects that will be taught are analogue and digital hardware, design and engineering. Programming will also be part of the course. Hardware combined with software makes everything work! Social and communicative aspects are trained in presentations, interviews and much group work in projects. The projects concern small technical problems to be solved by a group of students.

Students not only learn a lot about the product they design but also about the multidisciplinary character of the design process.

Location: Enschede

Duration: 4 years

Placement: during the third year

Some of the subjects: Analogue and Digital Hardware, Design, Engineering

Admission requirements:
•Academic transcript translated in English and native language
•CV (optional)
•Motivation Letter
•Reference letter (optional)
• registration
•Copy of ID

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