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Information and Network Economics

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Information and Network Economics is a master program in English at Maastricht University.


Information, networks and Information Technologies are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Being either a company, a consumer or a government organisation we are all challenged by rapid developments in new technologies and how they are affecting our collective and individual behaviour. Information and Network Economics is one of the few programmes in the world focusing on information and information technology from an economic and business perspective. Building a strong theoretical foundation in economics and business, you will study the nature and impact of information, networks, and information technology on our society.


Alongside the theoretical aspects of the programme, Information and Network Economics also has an important practical component. This includes regular presentations, group work and the study of academic papers. The latter requires critical thinking and the application of the theory you have learned. You will have to demonstrate your methodologies and whether your results are the same as those in the papers. This is excellent preparation for the real-life problems you will encounter in your future career.



Location: Maastricht, the Netherlands


Duration: 1 year


Main Subjects:IT Performance in Business and Economics


Possible careers:IT consultans, Business development managers, IT Managers, Policy advisors, Researchers


Admission requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree from a relevant academic field (high quality of performance in previous education)
  • Legalized translation of the bachelor diploma (if not in English)
  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • Official GMAT-/GRE-school score report
  • IELTS with minimum 7, or TOEFL with minimum 100 or CAE or CPE

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