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Why choose to study in Holland?


Why to study in the Netherlands?

1. There are more than 2,100 bachelor and master programs available in English.

The Netherlands is on the first place offering great amount of international study programs taught in English, as a country where the English language is not the official one. Next to that, 95% of the population speaks fluently the Shakespeare language :)

2. World known reputation on affordable prices

The Dutch education is quite affordable and in the same time is one of the best in the world, based on the enquiry of “Universitas 21”. The tuition fee right now is 2083 euro/year. As there are options to pay on installments or to make use of a student loan. Your daily expenses are nearly the same as the one you will have in every country in the European Union. Furthermore, the Netherlands in one of the few countries, where the students can get an additional financial help, in case they get a job and study the same time.

3. Quite international atmosphere

The international students are representing more than 160 nationalities. All the universities are following the strategy of the Ministry of Education to create international classrooms. The purpose of these rooms is to have as many international students in one classroom as possible. In the Netherlands, they believe that being an international student, he/ she will be afterwards a very good international employee.

4. Modern and practical education

The educational system in the Netherlands is quite modern. The teaching methods are different and interactive. They are paying a lot of attention on thinking, personal opinion and creativity, not just to study hard a material. In most of the bachelor programs, there is an option for an internship, which helps the students with their future career.

5. The Netherlands is in the heart of Europe

It is one of the safest and happiest countries in Europe. The Dutch people are quire open and friendly. Therefore, you will not meet discrimination towards foreigners or people from different backgrounds. Everything is close to you. For example, you are a few hours from Paris, Berlin, Brussel or London. The students can use their weekends to visit those amazing destinations.

6. Fast realization after graduation

Thanks to the practical education and the compulsory internships, the students from the Dutch universities are quite well prepared for the life after graduation. They can find work very vast. According to the latest data from the universities, more than 80 % of the graduated students  will find work with their education within 1-2 month after graduation. On the other hand, many students are still working in the companies where they have done their internships. The reasons for that is their good performance and professional attitude. Furthermore, the Netherlands is on the 17 th place on the chart -the best economies of the world. Some of its well-known companies, where the students can do their internships are Philips, Heineken, Philips, KLM, Shell, ING Bank, Unilever, Intel, Bosh and etc.