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Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a bachelor program in English at Saxion University.
Ordering tickets for a concert, applying for a student loan, calling your friend who is away on a study trip – this and more can all be done online nowadays. You can even participate in meetings online, and you can buy groceries without leaving the house. IT specialists play a key role in keeping such day-to-day activities running smoothly. Today’s big discovery is often old news by tomorrow, with one development ollowing another at breakneck speed. The opportunities within IT are becoming more diverse all the time, and users are making ever-greater demands. 
Within Information Technology, Saxion will help you to become the IT specialist of the future. Their three IT courses are an excellent preparation for a dynamic career in which you will be required to actively keep pace with these developments. You can choose from the following three courses: IT Service Management,  Business IT,  and  Software Engineering.  In the software engineering course you will earn all about software development, from idea to realisation.
Location: Enschede, the Netherlands
Duration: 4 years
Placement: during the third year
Main Subjects: Programming, Business Analysis, Web Technology
Possible career: software architect, project manager, software developer, tester, software analyst
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