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English (be it British or American English) is the international language of science, diplomacy and business. Furthermore, English literature takes an important place in world literature. When you study English Language and Culture at Radboud University, you dive into an extremely versatile field of study that opens a whole world for you.English Language and Culture has two tracks: English Language and Culture and American Studies.

The track English Language and Culture allows you to study all aspects of the English language as it has evolved across the centuries. At the same time, you immerse yourself in the culture and literature of Great Britain. You study the classics of high and popular culture - Shakespeare, Stevenson, Downton Abbey, Little Britain, and much more. To become an expert in the field of English language, linguistics and culture, you will also have to immerse yourself in the culture, social relations, habits and eccentricities of the people for whom (British) English is their native language. You will therefore not only learn to speak and write (British) English at a professional level of fluency, but will also study the history and culture of Great Britain.

Is English Language and Culture the right programme for you?
English? You already know the language, right? But do you then also know whether 'cough' rhymes with 'dough', 'though', 'plough' or 'enough'? And if an Englishman is really interested when he says: “that’s interesting”? Understanding English down to the last detail does not only entail your knowledge about pronunciation and grammar, but also means understanding the culture. That is why, besides writing and speaking English, English Language and Culture also focuses on the rich history, culture and literature of Great Britain and typical British habits. Are you interested in English language and culture? Do you want to understand why Europe is worried about the ‘Brexit’? Are you curious to know how the English language has evolved throughout the centuries? And would you like to do more with English language and culture than just read British books and watch television series and films? Then this Bachelor’s programme fits you perfectly!

Why English Language and Culture at Radboud University?

  • A challenging and exciting programme that brings together the study of language, culture, literature, society and history
  • Full immersion in English, with a strong focus on language acquisition courses throughout the programme
  • A dynamic international teaching staff who are either native speakers or near-native speakers of English and who are leading scholars in the field of English Language and Culture
  • The opportunity to study abroad or do an internship
  • A personal approach
  • Study at the best traditional university in the Netherlands
The career possibilities for our students with a degree in English Language and Culture are flexible and wide-ranging, since they are taught a valuable set of academic and analytic skills. Alumni of our programme are currently at work in a variety of fields:
  • cultural field (television and radio, publishing, museums, magazines, festivals);
  • international, national and local government (foreign ministries, international relations, NGOs, municipal government and chambers of commerce);
  • independent intercultural communication consultancies and translating businesses.

Degree: Bachelor of Language and Culture 
Duration: 3 years (180 EC), full-time
Start month: September
Language of instruction: English

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