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ICT & Technology is a professional bachelor program in English at Fontys Eindhoven, which focuses on writing software for devices like television, watch, elevator or even heart-defibrillator. Students will learn about the complete software life cycle:

• Translate the requirements from future users into a software design
• Implement the software design with a programming language (e.g. in C# )
• Test the code and write user manuals

Fontys will train them to become an expert in software development, especially in the so-called embedded software. This programme leads to the International Bachelor degree Information & Communication Technology. With knowledge learned from this study program students will be able to find a job very easily in a technology-oriented, international company in the Netherlands.

In the first year you follow courses and projects in five study programmes. In the first semester you will focus on basic ICT related subjects, and go more indepth in one of the five programmes; from the second semester you will focus on more subjects related to either ICT & Technology, ICT & Software Engineering, ICT & Business, ICT & Media Design or ICT & Infrastructure. In the second year you will spend 3 days of classes in your chosen study programme and 2 days in 1 or 2 specialisations of your choice. At the end of the second year, you can decide what your final specialisation will be. In the third year you will do your first internship for six months. The last semester of the fourth year will be your graduation semester in a company

Eindhoven, the Netherlands,

Duration: 4 years

in the third year (second semester) in an international company

Main Subjects: Programing in C#, Databases, Mathematics, Computer Systems, Embedded Software, Networking, Operating Systems, Middleware

Admission requirements:

• Academic transcript in English and native language
• Motivation Letter
• registration
• Copy of ID

For more infomation about the Informationa and Communication Technology program, please CLICK HERE.