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Water Management/Delta Management



Water Management/Delta management
is a bachelor program in English at HZ University with a focus on the the development of nature, residential, industrial and recreational areas in the delta regions.

The programme of Delta Management anticipates on the growing social demand for people specialized in area development within the context of delta areas on a higher professional level. It pays explicit attention to spatial transformation processes that guarantee sustainable development and water safety and water quality in deltas.
A delta is a region where land, rivers and sea come together. Throughout the ages, many delta's have developed into important trade and production centres with high population densities. Pivotal in the bachelor programme is the topic of area development. Delta managers work on the continued development of coastal areas. The shipping, fishing and tourism industries as well as new housing projects all compete for vital space on the coast. Delta manager will consolidate the various interests by applying a holistic approach : area development, safety, water management, communications and economic insight as well climatic and legal aspects and process management are all part of this Bachelor programme. The work to be done can no longer be viewed otherwise than from an integral approach of area development.

The Bachelor of Delta Management positions delta area development as a consideration of three main interests: (delta-)space, market and means. This consideration is made in a process, in which the skill to organize is pivotal. It is a combination of project and process management of area development, with an intrinsic focus on deltas. Next to global knowledge of the context and knowledge of design technique, finances and market developments, the emphasis is on organizing planning processes in which several actors play a part.
Knowledge of the differences and similarities of actors in the process of delta area development is of great importance. Delta Management offers an insight into the commitment and interests of the various parties. It deals with getting to know the various parties that are active in the field of work, also taking the importance of strategic networking into account.

Location: Vlissingen, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

Placement: in the third year (first semester)

Main Subjects: Delta Management, Safety and Ecology, Markets and Means

Possible careers: in governmental bodies, consultancies, property developers and large companies on a positions like assistant area manager or junior project manager, project coordinator, process manager or consultant, project leader

Admission requirements:
• Academic transcript in English and native language
• CV
• Motivation Letter
• Reference letter (optional)
• registration
• Copy of ID

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