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Liberal Arts and Sciences




Liberal Arts and Sciences is a three year bachelor program in English at Tilburg University. Liberal Arts and Sciences is a program, that focuses on the disciplines within the Social Sciences and Humanities at Tilburg University. The Social Sciences comprise law, business and management, psychology and sociology; while the Humanities encompass culture, history, literature, philosophy and religion.

The program is designed for ambitious and internationally oriented students. It is an interactive and small-scale program with a strong emphasis on the training of academic skills which offers you a unique opportunity to attain a specialized qualification in one of four Majors, combined with a broad and interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts.You will examine issues using insights from a range of academic disciplines and you will learn how to evaluate, discuss, present and write convincing arguments. Ultimately, you will become critical thinkers who know how to take an interdisciplinary approach on issues. Thanks to the program's interdisciplinary character, you are given the opportunity to take courses on a wide variety of subjects and, guided by their academic advisor, to put together your own degree program.


Rankings: #1 top rated program, Dutch Keuzegids 2018


Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands


Duration: 3 years


Main Subjects: European History; Society, Culture, Economy; Law and Humanities; Social Sciences and Business and Management

Possible career: Policy Advisor, Researcher, International Business Manager or Consultant, Human Resources, Managerial/Governmental Legal Advisor, Public Relations, Education, Foreign Office


Admission requirements:
• Academic transcript in English and native language
• Essay that addresses social problem from the last year
• Motivation Letter
• Copy of ID card
• English Language Test (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge)
• Registration at (UNIFY will make this one for you)

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