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European Law

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European Law is a three-year bachelor program in English at Maastricht University.

Program for European Law (European Law School) focuses on teaching basic skills, such as how to work with statutory materials, reference books and legal literature, in particular in the field of European law, Comparative law and European legal systems. You engage directly in case studies and learning how to lead discussions, oral presentations and arguing. To study each subject in detail, you participate in seminars and modular skills, led by members of the international staff. You also have the opportunity to meet with some visiting professors who can offer ideas in the way different legal systems operate.
Maastricht University has built a reputation in the international moot court, winning first place for several years in a row. The university participates in simulations of litigation in the Netherlands and abroad.
In these competitions, the university consistently outperforms universities such as Harvard University, University of New York and others.
European Law School has an international perspective. European law, European legal systems and Comparative Law are the main accents and are taught by leading international academics specialized in international law. Some of them are lecture guests, while others work for Montesquieu Institute (Montesquieu Institute), a new institute that focuses on the work of the European Parliament. Legal English course is studied in depth. Moreover, you can do part of their training or experience in a university abroad.

Location: Maastricht

Duration: 3 years

Experience: As in other programs Faculty offers internship to acquire the necessary legal skills. It is not mandatory, but allows students to acquire practical skills. The university offers service in European or international organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Possible careers: political advisor, working at different levels of government;

Admission requirements:
Copy of ID card
Passport photo (85 x 113 pixels width 30 x height of 40 mm-JPEG or JPG)
Transcript (original and translated into English)
Motivation Letter
Certificate of experience (special forms)
Justifications for registration in the municipality;
If you do not satisfy the admission requirements of a bachelor's programme, you may qualify for an admissions exam, the 'Colloquium Doctum'.
*Matching procedure

Application deadline: April 1

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