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International Business

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International Business is a three-year bachelor program in English at Maastricht University.

All the topics from accounting to marketing, management of the supply chain to information management are covered. You'll also learn which are the personal qualities that will be in plus for you to achieve success in the international business world: adaptability, creativity, self-confidence. This programme is headed in the Dutch rankings year after year.

What will you do during your training:
- You will work in small groups with students from around the world;
- Learning by doing - a real work environment;
- Browse the latest trends in international business and solve real cases;
- You will learn how to make a business plan, taking into account factors such as law, taxation and globalization;
- You will acquire skills to apply this knowledge: conflict management, leadership, teamwork, communication skills;

The programme is offering three specializations:

Emerging Markets: Economic growth in the world will take place in the emerging economic powers such as the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and other countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. This specialization offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of these emerging economies and new business opportunities related to their growth.

International Business Economics: This program gives you a solid foundation in the two pillars of modern trade, economy and business. Economics is all about the use of resources in local, national and international markets. Why certain economies work in a certain way? How they respond to different events, such as September 11 or the financial crisis? Business meantime focuses down to company level. How should individual businesses to meet the events? How can you improve their responses? In this specialization, you will compare economic models with reality, to see what actually happens behind the scenes of the business world.

Economics and Management of Information: Dynamics! Unique! The latest technology! These are just a few key words to describe Economics and Information Management specialization. The programme combine information technology (IT), business and the economy like this. How companies can use ICT to be competitive? How can governments stimulate innovation? And what effect does all this have for us as individuals?

Economics: How to get rid of unemployment in the EU? Prevent future financial crises? This unique specialization combines sociology and psychology with the economy in order to form professionals who are flexible, adaptable and internationally oriented. Key issues include how individual consumer behavior impacts the economy and vice versa, how government policies and economic developments affect the individual.

Location: Maastricht

Duration: 3 years

Prizes: Triple Crown accreditation
Only one percent of business schools worldwide to honored to receive accreditation: 'Triple Crown'. The Academy of Business of the University Maastricht (Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE), is one of them.
The accreditations are awarded by the American AASCB, British Amba and Equis, who evaluate curricula, organization, staff qualifications, students and management of candidate schools. For SBE alumni, employers know that appointed the best graduates.

Specialization: Emerging Markets, Economics, Economics and Management of Information, International Business Economics

Admission requirements:
A copy of the identity card;
Passport photo (85 x 113 pixels width 30 x height of 40 mm-JPEG or JPG)
Transcript of records (original and translated into English);
Requirements for math- three hours per week during the last two years of training
Certificate of acquired experience- additional certificates
Motivation letter;

Deadline: Recommended to: April 1, deadline: May 1 (applicants who already have diploma is better to submit their documents before December 1)

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