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Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering is a study program in which you examine a business process from the perspectives of people, engineering and organization. You develop a thorough theoretical basis and pay great attention to the practical applications of this knowledge.

A whole series of factors plays a role in the performance of any business process. Obviously, the engineering used is important whether the process involves machines, means of transport, operating rooms or computers. The way in which people are evaluated and treat one another also has an effect. And the style of planning and management: how are capacity and resources used? Only once you assess these aspects, will you know what you need to adjust to improve performance.

Right from the first year lectures alternate with tutorials, group work and assignments. This means that as well as studying the theoretical basic subjects, you are immediately working together with your fellow students on projects. One day you will be examining purchasing, another day you’ll be studying the process from the perspective of marketing or logistics. Your student mentor supervises you in the first year and ensures that you make a smooth start.

In the Industrial Engineering Bachelor's program you will experience widely differing teaching approaches:

  • Lectures: in which a lecturer explains the theory of a subject.
  • Tutorials: in which you work on assignments under the supervision of a lecturer or tutor; this is usually for the mathematics subjects.
  • Group projects: in which you work together with your fellow students in groups on typical management science assignments.
  • Design-Based Learning: in which you apply the theory in assignments.

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