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Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences is a two-year program, English taught, in the University of Maasticht, offered in partnership between Maastricht University and Hasselt University in Diepenbeek (Belgium), or united they are called University Limburg (TUL).



Both research institutes are at high levels in a number of areas, giving students the opportunity to participate in cross border studies and receive practical experience.
In the beginning, you start working in small groups and go to work as an independent researcher, with an emphasis on professional research skills, while in the meantime acquire specialized knowledge through lectures by experts in the field.

You will have the opportunity to pursue your own interests. Elective courses cover topics from the field of nutrition and metabolism to cancer and developing biology; cardiovascular biology and medicine, but will acquire skills to work with radionuclides. In addition, you will have 22-week internship in the first year and in the second year, 30-week, in approved laboratories of your choice in the Netherlands or abroad. These internships are dedicated to state-of-the-art research techniques, especially for your research project. Your choice for scientific and laboratory project will affect in your choice of specialization.


During the 30-week internship in the second year students have the opportunity to develop their own profile in the field of biomedical sciences. The program provides an opportunity for one of the following specializations:

Clinical Molecular Sciences specialization is aimed at genetic, epigenetic, metabolic and environmental fields causing the disease process. Topics include chronic and / or inflammatory diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. You have the ability to choose which research institute to develop your research. There is an option to select internship at another university or research departments of biomedical companies in the Netherlands or abroad.

Cardiovascular biology and medicine- covers experimental and clinical research in three main areas: thrombosis and hemostasis cardiac function and failure, and vascular biology. You can realize a research project in the field of cardiovascular biology and medicine at the University of Maastricht or elsewhere.

Neuroscience- You will become part of the in-depth research into the molecular mechanisms basic psychological, psychiatric and neurological disorders. The main topics include cell signaling, brain plasticity, neurodegeneration, regeneration, genetics and epigenetics. You will realize a research project in the field of neurology at the University of Maastricht or elsewhere. University provides an opportunity to participate in the exchange program, double degrees, with one of the three Japanese partner Universities.

Nutrition and Metabolizam- You will form knowledge of the role of diet in the regulation of metabolic processes and prevention of metabolic disorders. You will also learn how diet affects pre- and post-operative care, acute medical conditions, recovery and rehabilitation and palliative care. You will make a research project in the field of nutrition and metabolism in Maastricht University or elsewhere. This specialization is offered by NUTRIM School of Nutrition and metabolism studies.

Oncology and Development Biology - specialization focuses on detecting hints of cancer and human development. The aim is to promote a better understanding of the factors and processes involved in normal and abnormal growth at the molecular level. Special attention is paid to the interaction of genetic and environment genetic / epigenetic regulation of phenotype expression, both in the context of normal development and in oncogenesis. Approach to develop cancer therapies is another field of specialization. You will plan and realize a research project in the field of cancer research or developing biology Maastriht Univerity or elsewhere. This specialization is offered by GROW School for Oncology and Developmental Biology.

Location: Maastricht

Duration: 2 years

Initial month: September

Possible careers: In hospitals, universities, government agencies, patient organizations, research organizations, environmental organizations

Application requirements:
- ID Card;
- Passport photos;
-Bachelor Degree in the field, with a minimum of 180 credits;
- Academic transcript with grades;
-Registration In Studielink (receiving email with further details- MY UM portal to send other documents)
- CV;
- Motivation letter;
- Experience in the field (column: "other")
- Proof of proficiency in English (one of these three) IELTS- with a minimum score of 6.5; TOEFL- with minimum score 90; CAE-C:
- Interview;

Deadline: June 1

January 15, for those wishing to apply for a scholarship

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