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Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

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This Research Master provides knowledge in neuroscience, which aims to raise awareness of the triad Mind-Brain-Behavior. This field is examined structure, function, evolution, development, and pathology of the nervous system in relation to human behavior.

The program offers five specializations:

1. Fundamental Neuroscience- You will study the relationship between brain-behavior focusing on the cellular level, cell signaling, plasticity, neurodegeneration, inflammation, genetics, epigenetics.

2. Cognitive Neuroscience- In neuroscience studies, you will learn the relationship between brain-behavior with emphasis on perception, attention, cognition, and consciousness of a healthy brain.

3. Neuroeconomics- Choosing Neuroeconomics, you will study the relationship between the brain-behavior with a focus on modern theories of economics and building social decisions. Find neurocognitive roots of human decisions in different situations; individual and interactive solutions and their importance to the economy.
Neuroeconomics is a unique program in the Netherlands and worldwide.

4. Neuropsychology- Choosing Neuropsychology you will study the relationship between the brain-behavior with emphasis on brain structure and function in the patient or brain damaged. In addition, you get in-depth knowledge in neuropharmacology of behavior and integrate research models of cognition and cognitive impairment, applied in the areas of psychiatry, clinical neurology and neuroscience.

5. Psychopathology- Choosing psychopathology you will study the relationship Brain-behavior with emphasis on deregulation of biological, cognitive and affective processes.

Location: Maastricht

Duration: 2 years

Start month: September

Language: English

Number of places: 25

Possible careers: research and policy functions in research institutes; work in somatic and mental institutions; research institutions; Center for Educational Research and consultancy; insurance services; government agencies; pharmaceutical, food and medical industries.

Deadline: January 15 / April 1 (Two rounds; recommended application to January 15, deadline April 1)

Admission Requirements:

1. A copy of the identity card;
2. Bachelor's degree in the field;
3. Academic transcript with grades;
4. Filling in special forms (additional receipt) - Motivation letter, CV, recommendations;
5. 45-minute analytical writing task;
6. Skype interview;

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