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Applied Nanotechnology is a master program in English at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The unique characteristic of the program is: design and innovation in nanotechnology.

In the course of the program, you will acquire fundamental and extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of all disciplines related to design, laboratory and manufacturing techniques. Upon graduation, you will have mastered the skills needed to come up with innovative product-market combinations and production processes. Meanwhile, you will have an entrepreneurial, creative and inquisitive mindset.

Throughout the program, the design, construction and testing of new products and processes are closely interlinked with the creation of added value for users and end users. By the end of the master program you will be an accomplished creative thinker who pushes the boundaries during the design phase to find new opportunities to apply nanotechnological expertise.

Important notice: This programme is offered subject to accreditation by the NVAO (the Dutch / Flanders Accreditation Organisation). As soon as the programme is accredited you will be able to apply.

Location: Enschede, Netherlands

Duration: 2 years

Main subjects: Physical Concepts in Microsystems, Chemical Concepts in Microsystems, Micro-Nanoscale Technology, Creative Facilitation, High-Tech Products

Possible careers: Product Development Engineer, Project Engineer, Process Engineer, R&D Engineer

Admission requirements:
• Bachelor of Engineering OR Bachelor of Science in one of the following fields: Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, Industrial Product Design, Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, Chemical Technology and Chemistry
• Copy of ID
• IELTS/TOEFL/Cambridge OR bachelor diploma in English
• registration (UNIFY will make it for you)

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