New results of Shanghai rating are available

The results for 2015 year of ARWU are already available. 12 of the 13 academic universities in Netherlands are in top 500 and 4 of them - in top 100. Groningen University has raised with one position above, Leiden University had fallen with 5 positions below and VU Amsterdam University is 2 positions above compared to 2014. See all results HERE.

About Holland and bicycles :)

According to the new research of Copenhagenize - a consultant, which helps cities and governments to build more bicycle-friendly infrastructure, the Netherlands is a leader among the countries with builded infrastructure for bikes. The top 5 of cities for 2015 with the best bike infrastructure looks like that:


What are the first steps after your arrival to Holland?

We suggest that during your last days in your home country or your first days in Netherlands you may be confused on the steps you have to take in order to organize your new life and because of this reason we decided to post this list. What are the most important steps upon your arrival to Holland?



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