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We are UNIFY- the one and only, specialized consultant in education for the Netherlands and the only official representative of the Dutch Universities in Bulgaria.

All of the UNIFY employees have graduated or studied in the Netherlands. That is one of our strongest and most distinctive features. Everyone of us is able to give correct, up to date information based on our own personal experience during our time spent in the Netherlands.

We have a rich portfolio with carefully selected, checked and approved study programs and universities. Every year we submit numerous applications to all universities in the Netherlands. We are very proud to share with you, that almost everyone of our students got accepted in a study program that was their first choice. Furthermore, we work in a close cooperation with the Dutch universities as we are in a daily contact with them. In this way we ensure that we give the latest, most correct information to our students. Upon submitting an application, we pay close attention to all the details and take our time with the application process. Our utmost priority is that our students get their letters of admission in a shortest period of time. Due to the aforementioned reasons, we had cases in which students had received their letters of admissions in a time span of 24-48 hours after submitting their applications.

The mission of UNIFY is to help all prospective students who are willing to study in the Netherlands without charging any fees. There are no charges for consultation, submitting application to our partner universities, preparation of the documents or correcting motivational letters. As we say, getting accepted in a university in The Netherlands is just a small fraction in the process one prospective student must go through. It is a path where the unknown meets the unrevealed. Together hand in hand, we can walk this path and give you a guidance when needed. We take care of our students until they reach the entrance door of the university by helping them with information about accommodation, registration, all the required documents, how to open their bank accounts and even giving some advice what are the suitable clothes to wear for the Dutch climate. We organize briefings before departure as we would like to introduce all prospective students to each other. Not to feel alone in one of the biggest, scariest steps they will undertake. 

We are focused only on the Netherlands, we love it, we know everything about the Dutch Universities, the educational system there as we know all the student tricks:) 

Who can tell you better for the live and education in the Netherlands, than a person who has already walked that path?

If you have already chosen the Netherlands for your education, UNIFY is the right consultant for you:). This is our work that we love and we say: “From former students to prospective ones”.

What we do for our students:

  • Information about the Dutch education system and the Dutch approach;
  • Information about the leading Universities in the Netherlands ;
  • Choosing for a Bachelors or a Masters program;
  • UNIFY can give you the best advice from our own experience, because all the employees of UNIFY has studied/graduated at University in the Netherlands;
  • Checking your documents with the admission requirements and advise you;
  • Following the application procedure: fill in the forms; examples of motivation letters and CV templates, prepare the documents, send the application package to the Universities in the Netherlands;
  • Information about student sudsidies or loans;
  • Personal guidence from the first consultation to the front door of the leading Dutch Universities;
  • Providing housing information – recommended by the leading Dutch Universities ;
  • Information about the living cost, tuition fee, allowances;
  • Information about insurance requirements;
  • Arranging your itinerary and providing transport options such as flight(s) and train(s)