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Saxion invites its all new students to information webinar!

All new students, who are about to start their studies at Saxion University of Applied Sciences are invited to information webinar on 08.06, Wednesday at 16:00 Dutch time. The webinar is organized of present students at the university and aims to provide new students with the information about what to expect in the upcoming months. You watch the link HERE and HERE with chat functions.

Dutch educational system in top 10 in the world!

Dutch system for higher education has scored in top 10 of the best educational system in the world and more precisely on 7th place among 50 other according to QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings (part of QS Top Universities). The criteria for evaluation are very different, from access to education to possibilities for funding.

Good position for NHTV at National Student Survey

We are proud to share with you, that NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences has strong position in the latest National Student Survey for 2016 year. Among the criteria, used for evaluation of each institution, those, with highest scores are general atmosphere in the program, career preparation and academic guidance/counselling.


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 The presentation of UNIFY consists of information about:

 - Holland and the education system in Hollland

 - The ranking of the universities

 - Each bachelor/master program

 - How to apply and what documents to prepare

 - How to finance your studies

 - The life in Holland

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