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International Orientation Days at Avans!

New possibility to visit Avans University of Applied Sciences under the motto "If you pay for your flight, then we pay for everything else". International Orientation Days are organized on 16-17 March at Avans. Learn more about them HERE.

Nijmegen - the safest city in Holland!

International students in all Dutch universities voted for Nijmegen as the safest student city in Netherlands - 60% of the students think so. The capital of Netherlands Amsterdam is the last in the ranking with only 14% - this is according to the independent website studentenwegwijzer.nl.

You can visit the Open Day at Radboud University in Nijmegen on 5th of March. Learn more about it HERE.


Dear future students and parents,

We would like to inform you, that UNIFY together with the universities will be in vacation from 19.12 (Saturday) until 03.01.2016 (Sunday), included. All full application packages, sent before 18.12 (Friday) noon will be reviewed and sent to the universities before our Christmas holiday, everything sent after 18.12 will be sent on 04.01.2016 (Monday).

We want to wish you happy holidays and precious moments with your family and friends! See you again in 2016!

Team of UNIFY


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If you are satisfied with our services, then you can become our ambassadors and RECOMMEND US to your friends and other students who want to apply in Holland. When they are admitted, you will be awarded from UNIFY!

Thank you in advance,


You want to Study in Holland. Some of your classmates have interest too?


 The presentation of UNIFY consists of information about:

 - Holland and the education system in Hollland

 - The ranking of the universities

 - Each bachelor/master program

 - How to apply and what documents to prepare

 - How to finance your studies

 - The life in Holland

 Invite us in your school.
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Soon expect information about our upcoming events!