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Master of Animation


This master program is a  one-year high-performance professional master in Animation, directed towards helping everyone find their creative potential. This is achieved through a fully integrated approach to the rapidly expanding field of Animation, combined with contextual research in Visual Culture.

The program focuses on practices related to the commercial or industry context of animation: short commercial animation, short animations showing modelling or character design skills. There is also space for experimental animation, immersive storytelling, docu and non-fiction animation, as well as its relevance to changing social, political, cultural and global themes.

Students learn to critically and creatively integrate their studio work with the acquisition of theoretical principles relevant to innovatory studio practice.

Students gain access to the resources of the following partners - Playgrounds, Submarine, The Panics, Ambassadors and many more, as well as connections with studios and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.

Leading animators, such as Leon Tukker, Dirk van Dulmen and Anna Eijsbouts take part in lectures, workshops and engage with the students frequently. 

Students benefit from direct access to the industry network and execute assignments in collaboration with all of the partners, allowing them to test their abilities within a professional context. 

Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

 1 year

Possible careers:
in the film, games and interactive media industry

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