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Classical Music

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Classical Music is a Bacheor program in English at Hanze University. It is part of the Prince Claus Conservatoire.

When you choose for a classical music degree, you choose for a profession on your instrument or with your voice. Perhaps you will become an orchestral musician in a large symphony orchestra, or in one of the Dutch military ensembles, or member of a (semi-)professional chamber choir. Many choose for a combination between playing chamber music, instrumental teaching at a music school or setting up a private teaching practice. Occasionally a student becomes a soloist on the international stage. Performing as a musician means you are sometimes away on tour and frequently need to deliver a top performance at night and on weekends whilst others are relaxing. In every case, wherever you may later end up, at the Prince Claus Conservatoire you will be trained to become a versatile, well rounded musician of a high level.

Location: Groningen, The Netherlandshbo18 topopleiding highres eng

Duration: 4 years

Main subjects: Solfege, Ensembles, Choir, Piano practicum, Harmony

Possible career: musician in the ensemble, orchestra or soloist

Admission requirements:
• Transcript of Records-original and translated in English
• CV
• Cover letter (Download here a description of what it must contain)
• Recommendation letter from teacher
• Entrance exam (Download here
• Registration (UNIFY will make it for you)
• ID Card
• Certificate of proficiency in English, one of the three - IELTS (minimum 6.00), TOEFL (minimum 80) or Cambridge Advanced

For more information, please click HERE.