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Game Design  is a bachelor's program in English at Hazne University.

Games can be seen all around us, from popular mainstream games on consoles and PCs, to mobile and tablet-based games that are played for entertainment. Moreover, they are increasingly used as learning tools, in the form of so-called serious games. You may like playing games, but you’re particularly curious about what it takes to make a game work: its looks, its mechanics, and its internal technical system. This four year international major in Game Design & Development prepares you for an international career in the field of game design and development. Throughout the programme, you will work on defining and promoting game concepts, creating 2D and 3D artwork, as well as developing the code for gameplay. After completing this programme, you will be able to work in the international game industry as a game designer, game artist, or game developer.

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

Main subjects: Game Design, Game Development, Data Processing & Analysis, Critical Analysis for Serious Games, Concept Art, Game Evaluation

Possible career: computer game designer, artist of games, game developer, multimedia designer, multimedia programmer

Admission requirements:
• Transcript of Records-original and translated in English
• Registration (UNIFY will make it for you)
• ID Card
• Certificate of proficiency in English, one of the three - IELTS (minimum 6.00), TOEFL (minimum 80) or Cambridge Advanced

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