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International Finance and Control


Organizations are progressively becoming interlinked with businesses and company divisions located abroad. The role of the finance professional is to map out risks, gather and evaluate economic data in order to provide insight and argumentations for strategic choices, which comprise not only feasible and sustainable decisions, but are ethically sound as well. Enterprises need the correct financing and all aspects of the business organization needs to be in control. There is an increasing demand for finance professionals who are aware of differences between cultures and the characteristics of international dynamics and who can communicate across cultures. For this reason, Hanze University of Applied Sciences developed an International Finance & Control bachelor's programme.

Significant trends and developments in the professional field are influencing the nature of the finance professionals' role which require a different skill set compared to before. (Inter)national developments along with rapid changes in society, technology and the economy will create a need for proactive, future-oriented finance professionals with the ability to perform comprehensive analyses and contribute to business cases whilst maintaining a critical attitude.

Key areas and competences defining the profession are:

  • Globalisation
  • Growing regulatory burden
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Business modelling
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Data-analytics

What about your future?

Graduates of International Finance and Control have gained a broad base of experience and expertise. You can find careers in many companies and in many positions, for instance as a financial controller, credit consultant, planning & control specialist, investment consultant, head of an insurances department within a bank or financial specialist. You draw up budgets, audit administrative organizations (some of which you may have set up yourself) and monitor the supplies.

The International Finance and Control study programme is fully taught in English. 

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

Internship: during the third year

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