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Master Sensor System Engineering

HANZE 17 1604 Beelbewerking master Sensor System Engineering

Are you open minded, do you like to stretch boundaries to find out what is out there? Can you apply yourself, developing new ways to move the technology ahead, specifically in the health domain? Then take a moment to consider the opportunity to join us for one year to complete the Sensor System Engineering (SSE) honours master's programme.​​​

Duration: 2 Years

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands

Programme overview:

  • Linear algebra: mathematics required for the next modules.
  • Advanced data analysis: integrating data coming from multiple complex sensors and to interpret this data correctly
  • Modelling & simulation: theory and tools required to model complex systems and to analyse and represent simulated data.
  • Data centric architectures: the architectural design of sensor systems at the level of of system architectures for big data applications and at the level of digital signal processing (DSP).

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