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Environmental Science (1 year)

Environmental Science is professional bachelor program in English at Saxion University.
It often seems that economic development always causes environmental pollution and degradation of environmental qualities. Environmental scientist raise awareness for the negative effects of degradation but also like to prevent new problems. If e.g. the cost for ecological services and protection of environmental quality is taking into consideration at the design table of new development projects many, adverse effects can be reduced or even avoided. This requires professionals with a creative and open attitude to new sustainable solutions and excellent communication and co-operation skills with stakeholders from many different disciplines, including designers, engineers, and urban planners. Now environmental problems change from local and regional problems, like noise and soil pollution to international or even global problems like global warming and climate change it requires also environmental scientists with intercultural skills to be able to implement successful approaches in other area's with respect to economical and cultural differences.
Main professional competencies of Environmental Science:
ES 1: Raise environmental awareness
ES 2: Conduct environmental research
ES 3: Design and consider solutions to environmental issues
ES 4: Prepare environ. policy recommendations
Besides professional knowledge and skills, (bachelor) professionals also need to apply general competencies:
A1: Communication
A2: Project-based/process-based working
A3: Self-responsible performance
A4: Analytical thinking and problem-solving
A5: Applied research

Location: Deventer, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Main Subjects: Sustainable Area Development, Integrated Water Management, Capita Selecta Environmental Science, etc

Possible careers: at government institutions, national authorities, firms of consulting engineers, ecology groups and non-governmental organisations, industries.

Admission requirements:
• 3 year education in a similar course or 4 year in a related course or work experience in the field
• CV (optional)
• Motivation Letter
• Reference letter (optional)
• registration
• Copy of ID

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