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Business Administration

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Business Administration is a one year master degree in English at Radboud University.

This Master's programme in Business Administration - unlike other similar programmes - emphasises the social processes that constitute organizations. How do social processes determine the ways in which organizations and management operate and perform? This program will help you create a better understanding of the importance of good management.

The program has 8 specializations of which you should choose one at the time of application: Business Analysis and Modelling; Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; International Business; Marketing; Organisational Design and Development; Strategic Human Resources Leadership; Strategic Management;

Business Analysis and Modelling

  • This specialisation combines system dynamics with group model building.
  • You will learn how to apply analysis in a social setting: communicating results, facilitating group sessions, creating consensus and commitment.
  • We emphasise the importance and advantages of corporate social responsibility.
  • We look beyond the private sector, also considering how business analysis can be applied in the (semi-)public sector.

Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management

  • This specialisation combines multiple specialisations in business administration and political science.
  • We emphasize the social responsibility of organisations.
  • You will learn about societal, organisational and scientific urgency.
  • This Master's is a unique interdisciplinary approach.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • This specialisation focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship beyond organisational borders.
  • You will learn about the processes to identify ideas for innovation, manage innovation and business development projects, develop a business plan or analyse business models and strategic scenarios.
  • This Master's takes a broad, multidisciplinary view, examining the interactions of firms within the context of their business ecosystems.

International Business

  • You learn to understand institutional and cultural factors that impact international business activity
  • Take an in-depth look at different options for expanding abroad
  • Familiarity with ways of balancing expectations of diverse stakeholders in foreign countries
  • You will be offered a strategic perspective on ways of gaining a competitive advantage in the global marketplace that aim to create both economic and social value.


  • The key to this specialisation is relationship management.
  • You will come to understand that more than a sound product is needed.
  • You will learn how marketing relates to other business disciplines such as sales and HRM.
  • You will gain needed knowledge in social and psychological processes.

Organisational Design and Development

  • This specialisation offers the unique combination of the design and the development of organisations.
  • The specialisation is rooted in the tradition of socio-technical system design.
  • You will gain advisory skills and learn to systematically analyse organisational problems.
  • This Master's also pays attention to social practices and change processes in organisations.

Strategic Human Resources Leadership

  • This specialisation pays attention to the entire range of human capital: emotion, behaviour and potential.
  • The key is enhancing employability and sustainable careers.
  • This Master's uses lots of real-life examples.
  • You learn to understand how the micro goals of individuals relate and can be aligned with the strategic plans of a company.

Strategic Management

  • This specialisation offers you a multidisciplinary perspective on strategic management.
  • This Master's focuses on stakeholder management, responsible decision-making, intervention and change.
  • You will learn all about the turbulent conditions that infuence an organisation.
  • In Strategic Management you can do a minor in Innovation, Networks, or Sustainability.


Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Admission requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in the field of Business Administration
• Cover Letter
• Copy of ID
• English certificate:
IELTS certificate with a minimum of 6.5 points; TOEFL Internet version at least 90, Cambridge Certificate Advanced Level (CAE)

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