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What I need to do before departing to Holland?

Specially for our students, we invented a "To-Do List" of what you need to do before or during your first year as a student in Holland:


Finish your application

  • Send us a digital copy of your diploma and its official translation. Some universities also would like to receive your diploma via regular post. Deadline: 01.08.2016.
  • If you haven't send us your English proficiency test, then you also need to do it before 01.08.2016.
  • Payment of tuition fee. There are couple of ways to do it - at once or in installments, from your country's bank account or from a Dutch bank account.


  • Find accomodation.
  • Get a European Health Card.
  • Get a translation or multilingual birth certificate.
  • Save emergency phone numbers in case something happens with you during your stay in Holland.

Prepare yourself for your classes

  • Check or buy a new laptop.
  • Check what kind of books you will need. A tip: you can buy old books from other students, for this reason, check FB group of your university for latest adds.
  • Sign up and prepare for the orientation week at the university.
  • Learn a few words and phrases in Dutch. You can use the application Hoi Holland.
  • Meet other students, with whom you will be studying. You can find them at different FB groups for international students of your future university.

In Holland

  • Open a Dutch bank account.
  • Register at the local municipality and get a BSN number.
  • Apply for tuition fee loan if applicable and if needed.
  • Organize your mobile connection. You can buy a Dutch sim card and charge it when needed or you can sign up a contract with local provider.
  • Buy a bike and/or transport card.

We know that student life in Holland may seem stressful and hard at first sight. However, we advise you to be patient and in a couple of months you will see that you will find your own way and feel much more confident. If you have any questions and/or issues, you can always go to the student office of your university with them. Officers there are working to help you with you with your issues and are always very friendly.