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Industrial Engineering and Management

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You think big, bigger, biggest. In the Industrial Engineering & Management study programme you focus entirely on international maintenance management.

Every day, hundreds of people board aeroplanes. You are responsible for ensuring that these aeroplanes are in a good state of repair. You manage the maintenance of large ships, sustainable energy generation, or machines in factories. Not just for technical companies, but also in the care sector and for the government. You do not carry out the maintenance yourself, but you ensure that it takes place. And convince management that it is necessary.

You have a flair for technology. You enjoy working with people from around the world. You are quick to see how machines or processes work. You understand what steps you need to take. You are also keen to look beyond borders. You are not a fearful person. You have self-belief and persuasive powers. And you approach your tasks responsibly.

Features of this study programme

Maintenance management is strongly on the rise. You will work in close collaboration with the biggest companies around the world. With students from the Netherlands and further afield. Your work placement and graduation phase can take place anywhere in the world.

This study programme is recognised by the 2016 Keuzegids HBO as one of the Netherlands’ top Industrial Maintenance Management programmes.

This programme also has close ties to the so called Brainport Region in Holland- the city of Eindhoven, which has been voted the smartest city in Holland and in Europe many times. After graduating the Industrial Engineering and Management Programme you have excellent opportunities of finding employment in Brainport. You can read more about it HERE

Breda Resized

Location: Breda

Duration : 4 years

Internship: Year 3

Possible careers: Maintenance manager; Maintenance consultant; Project manager; Engineer

Application documents:

  • ID card
  • Birth Certificate
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Academic transcript- original and an English translation
  • Secondary school diploma- original and a English translation
  • English language certificate- IELTS minimum 6.5; TOEFL computer minimum 232; TOEFL internet minimum 90; CAE or CPE minimum С

For more information, please click HERE