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Global Law is a three year bachelor program in English at Tilburg University.

The Bachelor Global Law offers a unique learnig experience. In this program you will work together with your classmate from all around the world, receive instructions from excellent researchers and teachers and develope your ability to conduct scientific research. The interdisciplinary program gives you insight into different research fields. When you finish, you will have the unique skills of a global lawyer, demanded in a globalizing world!

Studying Global Law in Tilburg means you will develop the knowledge and skills to be able to work in large organizations all over the world. It means studying at one of the largest research faculties for Law in the Netherlands. It means undergoing the transnational experience, and coming out a global professional at the other end!

In the Bachelor Global Law, all the main legal topics found in traditional legal education are taught, but they are approached from a global perspective. You will gain academic depth and develop the practical skills to help you approach transnational conflicts from a different perspective. You will learn to refer not only to a specific national legal system, but also consider solutions from other jurisdictions or from international law. The program will help you gain a broader knowledge and understanding of the function of law and the basic principles of the core areas of law. When you graduate, you will be awarded an LLB degree: Bachelor of Laws

Ranking: #1International Law School worldwide- Social Science Research Network Ranking (SSRN, April 2019), #52 in the world in Law- Times Higher Education Subject Ranking, 2020

Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands

Duration: 3 years

Main Subjects: International Legal History, Legal Philosophy, Strategy and Oraganizations for Lawyers, Accounting and Finance for Lawyers

Possible careers: in international organizations, in the public sector or in academia

Admission requirements:
• Academic transcript in English and native language
• Good grades shown in the academic transcript
• Motivation Letter
• Copy of ID card
• English Language Test (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge)
• Registration at (UNIFY will make this one for you)

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